[EN] Call for Submissions

GWG presents: A Göttingen Literary Collection

Göttingen Writers Guild is looking to publish our campus’ second creative writing anthology. Last time, the publication was open to mainly students enrolled at the University of Göttingen who could participate. This time around, we are opening the publication to anyone and everyone residing within Göttingen. We accept any creative writing style or subject matter (including but not limited to: fiction and non-fiction, poetry, short-stories, essays, blog posts, opinion pieces, screenplays, travel writing, journaling, articles, reviews, prose, etc.) as well as any artistic work (black and white artwork, graphic art, illustrations, photography, etc.). For artwork, please be aware that we might not be able to publish everything in color, so if you are accepted, please have a black and white scan of your artwork available if you wish it to be published.

We’re currently accepting submissions for this year’s publication, and we’d love to see your work! Those pieces which are deemed suitable for our second anthology will be therein published and their work distributed throughout the University’s campus in Göttingen. In our last publication, published writers were invited to our book-release party and received their free copy there, and they also had the opportunity to read from their work. Unfortunately due to the recent pandemic, and Corona Virus social distancing restrictions imposed upon us, we might not be able to provide a book release party for this publication. Hopefully, these restrictions will be lifted eventually, but until then we will find a way to distribute the books via other means, such as a book-pickup location.

Submission guidelines are as follows:

Written Work

  • Works can be submitted in either English or German languages.
  • Up to three separate pieces may be submitted (example: 1 poem, 1 short story, 1 creative non-fiction; or 3 poems individually).
  • Works must be previously unpublished and/or do not contain any copyrighted material that would prevent us from publishing said work.
  • Total word count for all pieces combined may not exceed 4000 words (including title).


  • There is no limit on how much artwork we might accept, but please be aware that not all artwork will have the opportunity to be published in color.

All Works

  • Each piece must have a title.
  • All pieces will be judged anonymously by members of Göttingen Writers Guild.

Please include:

  • First and Last Name (Please indicate if you wish to to be published under a pseudo-pen name if you wish to protect your identity).
  • titles of written pieces/artwork.

Deadline: 15 October 2020

Please send your submissions and any additional questions to: goe.writersguild@gmail.com