What is the Göttingen Writers Guild? How is it connected to the “Göttingen Literary Collection”?

The Göttingen Writers Guild is a student-led group here at the University of Göttingen that holds weekly meetings to write and workshop our own writing projects and ideas (Due to Corona Virus, we now host our meetings online via Zoom). All students who would like to join our group can email us to receive emails, and participate in the group. We also have a WhatsApp, so contact us if you would like to join today! 

The “Göttingen Literary Collection” is our group’s second publication. This project has been funded through the Creativity in Studies (Kreativität im Studium) competition, and it’s our goal to create a literary collection that best represents Göttingen’s creative writing community. 

Who can participate?

Any and all residents of Göttingen can participate

What writing styles and genres can I write in, and what topics can I write about?

Any creative writing style or subject matter is acceptable (fiction and non-fiction, poetry, short-stories, essays, blog posts, opinion pieces, screenplays, travel writing, journaling, articles, reviews, prose, etc.) 

What kind of artwork can I submit?

Any and all artistic work (black and white artwork, graphic art, illustrations, photography, etc.) can be submitted. Please keep in mind that the amount of color pages available in the printed version of the book is limited. 

What topics can I write about? Is there any censorship that I should consider?

We do not have any topic or theme restrictions, so nothing is “off limits”. You can submit a written work or artistic piece, regardless of its subject matter. The only thing to consider when writing is use of public figures or real peoples’ names and privacy concerns. In the case that something violates either of these concerns, we will contact you to try and make the suitable adjustments (please see our terms of agreement for more information). 

Do I need to give my real name? Can I be anonymous? 

When sending us your submissions, you need to list your real name in your email to us. That being said, you are more than welcome to be anonymous or use a pen-name alongside your work. Please indicate on your submission email as such. 

What’s going to happen once the collection is printed and published? Will I get a copy of the book?

Last time when our first book was printed, we hosted a Book-release party to recognize contributing authors. Due to social distancing restrictions because of the Corona Virus, Göttingen Writers Guild will set up a pick-up location on campus for writers to come and receive their book. If you this cannot be done, further contact can be made in regards to helping individuals who have trouble picking up their copy of the book. 

Can I submit work to this and other publications at the same time?

Every work submitted to the “Göttingen Literary Collection” must be previously unpublished work. If you simultaneously submit your pieces to other publications and they are accepted, please contact us to let us know. 

Who will read the book? 

All students of the Göttingen University will have the opportunity to read the book in either its printed or e-book form. It will be distributed across campus for free, thereafter distributed online via Göttingen emails and newsletters. 

Which language can I write in? 

The primary languages used must be either English or German. There are no language requirements for artwork.

How do you choose the writers for the issue?

The selection process is handled by students participating in the Göttingen Writers Guild and will be determined by amount of submissions received. However, the submissions can be rejected based on unanimous agreement between members of our group. This happens when we feel that submitted work does not meet minimum quality standards set forth by our terms of agreement for accepted work for publication.

Still not sure about our requirements or generally confused?

Please don’t hesitate to email us any further questions you have, or additionally you ask us on our social media pages. Feel free to join our Facebook group and/or our meetings to be a part of the publication process to learn more.